We offer kegs-to-go! Call or swing by the Tap Room to reserve yours today. We offer 1/2bbl (120-16oz pints) and 1/6bbl (40-16oz pints). Prices vary based on style of beer and keg size (*Most 1/6bbl are $70 and 1/2 bbl are $165). Supply is limited so call ahead to reserve your keg. We require a minimum of 48hrs. advance notice. Ask nicely and we will even load it up for you.


Our keg and tap rentals require a deposit of $25 for each tap and $50 for each keg. As well as an additional $10 rental charge for the tap. Kegs with taps must be returned within 10 days. Kegs without taps (for people with kegerators) must be returned within 60 days. After your deposit period is up, we will process your deposit. Don’t despair, if you bring back the keg and tap in good working order at a later date, we’ll gladly refund your original deposit.


Your guests are all lined up, anxiously awaiting delicious BAD JIMMY’S beer. You clearly have made an excellent beer purchase, and they applaud you for that. Suddenly, it dawns on you: you don’t know how to tap a keg. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. In fact, why don’t you just let us Google that for you.